black bean brownies (9) $35

 donuts (12) $30
available flavors:
-chocolate peanut butter (shown)
-key lime
-banana nut
Coconut bundt cake (6 mini or 1 large) $30
available flavors:
-blueberry lemon
-chocolate peanut butter marble
-vanilla chocolate marble
-key lime

 coconut protein macaroons (12) $25

 sweet potato coconut pecan protein cookies  (12) $25
greek yogurt protein cheesecake $40
available flavors:
-mango (shown)
-vanilla bean
-key lime

all of my sweets are made with whole, clean ingredients. full ingredient lists available upon request. any of the desserts listed can be made gluten free and or customized to work around any allergies, intollerances or dislikes.

the sweets

do you Have something specific  in mind? do you have a favorite dessert you'd like lightened up or a special event coming up? customized desserts available. I have created healthy cakes/desserts for birthdays, weddings, grand openings, and private parties.

Everything is custom made per order. please contact me directly via call, text or email to place orders.